Lease Mileage Program

INFINITI Financial Services SignatureFLEX® 


Introducing INFINITI Financial Services (IFS) SignatureFLEX®    an exciting new lease mileage option that offers you flexibility and peace-of-mind when leasing your new INFINITI sedan or SUV.

In partnership with INFINITI InTouch™ Services, IFS can now utilize INFINITI InTouch™ Services data to alert you when your lease vehicle is approaching its mileage limit. As an IFS customer, you can then purchase additional miles during your lease term to help save you money in the long run. Plus, you will receive quarterly mileage statements reminding you of mileage purchase options. If opted-in, the statements will also include forecasted usage, and you will also receive emails letting you know if you are approaching your over-mileage limit.

This is to help you, our valued client, to better manage your lease mileage needs. Nobody likes surprises, so work with us and utilize our tools to maximize the enjoyment of your INFINITI while reducing your overall cost of ownership.

You’ll love these great new lease mileage options and our new INFINITI lease mileage management tools.


SignatureFLEX® MILEAGE OPTIONS | Effective March 1, 2023

Standard Mileage Option: 15,000 miles per year

Low Mileage Option: 12,000 miles per year

Extra-Low Mileage Option:* 10,000 miles per year 

Ultra-Low Mileage Option:†* 5,000 miles per year


If you have questions, please contact your Financial Services Manager here at INFINITI of South Bay.


LEASE MILEAGE MANGEMENT TOOLS - How to best track your mileage

There are two great ways to use our lease mileage management tools to track and purchase mileage. 1) Utilize the IFS customer portal ( and/or 2) download the IFS mobile app. To download the INFINITI Financial services app…


If you have an Apple device, then download the Apple INFINITI Financial Services App by clicking the link below.

INFINITI Financial Services App Apple


If you have an Android device, then download the Android INFINITI Financial Services App by clicking the link below.

INFINITI Financial Services App Android


Please contact your Finance Manager here at INFINITI of South Bay for details and more information.





†If the Ultra-Low Mileage Option (5,000 miles) is chosen, an Acknowledgment of Lease Mileage Limit form must be signed by the Lessee/Co-Lessee. The Ultra-Low Mileage Option gives low-mileage customers the opportunity to buy miles while still driving ultra-low mileage. Drivers with higher mileage needs have other great options with our Extra-Low (10K), Low (12K) and Standard (15K) mileage leases and can still purchase miles during their lease terms.

*eContracting is available for retailers using Dealertrack UniFI. eContracting is not available for some models in Dealertrack Classic.


Customers will be able to purchase additional mileage at 10 cents per mile through the customer portal or mobile app.


Additional miles may only be purchased at contract inception on a standard 15,000-mile lease. Additional miles are 10 cents per mile at contract inception. Customers will still be able to purchase additional mileage at 10 cents per mile through the customer portal or mobile app. Additional miles may NOT be purchased at contract inception on 5,000, 10,000 or 12,000-mile leases. Miles purchased at inception will impact the monthly payment and residual value. Miles purchased during the lease term will not impact monthly payment or residual value. Customers will not receive a refund or credit for unused miles purchased.


Customers will have the option to purchase miles up to 30 days before lease maturity date. At lease maturity, an excess mileage charge of 25 cents per mile will be assessed at lease end for miles over the stated contract mileage if additional miles have not been purchased to cover the excess mileage. See IFS SignatureLEASE® program rules for more information.

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