When Should I Replace My Engine Air Filter?

INFINITI of South Bay knows it’s difficult to remember all of the important parts of your vehicle that need occasional checking up on. Your engine air filter is a little something that makes a huge difference. You might not even realize it’s there until it’s clogged, but an engine filter check is a worthwhile investment to avoid bigger problems down the road, like costly engine replacement.


How it Works

Your filter is made out of material, like paper, foam, or cotton, that contains large sponge-like pores designed to let air in and keep abrasive particles out. To allow airflow with minimal resistance while also trapping the maximum amount of dirt and dust particles, filter designers use the largest surface area of material as possible and fold it into a series of corrugations to make the filter fit into its “housing” in your vehicle.

Healthy Engine Filter

Every car, driver, road, and combination of the three is different, so it’s hard to diagnose whether or not your engine filter is healthy based on day-to-day driving experience. The best way to check its health is to visually check it yourself. If you can get to your engine filter, take a look at it. If it is clean, and you aren’t experiencing any engine performance issues, you likely have a healthy filter on your hands.

Unhealthy Engine Filter

If your filter is exhibiting any of these symptoms, take it in for a check-up.
Black areas on the section of the filter where outside air enters could mean there’s some build-up that needs to be addressed. Without an expert’s eye, it’s hard to tell whether or not your filter’s level of build-up is safe. Take your car in for a filter-check ASAP.

Age plays a major role in filter efficiency. The range for filter use varies significantly, roughly 15,000 to 30,000 miles between replacements, depending on the manufacturer. However, this number is largely affected by the type of roads you normally take. If you spend a significant amount of time on dirty, dusty roads with ever-present debris, a frequent engine filter check is in your best interest.

Leaving a faulty filter in place for too long can lead to expensive engine damage down the road. If you have any doubts, or if you are unsure of the last time your engine filter was replaced, it’s worth some attention. A stop by our service department for a filter check will help both you and your car breathe easier.


When Should I Replace My Engine Air Filter? - INFINITI of South Bay

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