Meet Patrick Toledo- Our Used Car Sales Manager

We think you'll enjoy meeting our newest management hire, Patrick Toledo. Patrick has been in the car business since 2009 and has strong exposure to the sales and management side of the automotive business. He started as the loaner rental car director for a 7-dealership franchise group with 2800 units under his direction. Patrick soon progressed to their used car director, and while in this position, attended the NADA Academy. The NADA Academy prepares dealership leaders to improve profitability in various departments while examining how new technology and innovations can help reshape the industry. We are glad that Patrick has brought this experience and expertise to INFINITI of South Bay.

Patrick grew up in the Philippines and came to the United States when he was only 20 to help with his other siblings. In fact, he helped raise his two younger siblings and put them through high school and college.

To soothe his desire for competition, Patrick is an endurance athlete, racing in triathlons and ironman distances. He has 6 different bikes that he uses for different types of events, weather or just his mood. For relaxation Patrick likes to swim and watch romantic comedies with his wife. Rom-coms are cute, funny, and a teensy bit cheesy, which is why he loves them. Together since 2005, he and his wife have been raising three girls.

A true 'foodie", Patrick will often travel for up to two hours to a new town just to experience their specialty. On a recent trip Patrick and his wife went to the Nighthawk Breakfast Bar in Venice, CA. The Drunken French Toast is the specialty you should try here. It's a crispy breaded creation topped with cognac sautéed pears, mascarpone mousse, a dash of cinnamon, covered in pure maple syrup, and topped with a healthy dusting of powdered sugar. Can you say YUM???

What Patrick loves most about INFINITI of South Bay is the integrity, ethics and the total transparency of the management team and their process. What we love most about Patrick is his positive energy and vision, he is a "can-do" kind of guy.


Meet Patrick Toledo- Our Used Car Sales Manager - INFINITI of South Bay

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