Easy Steps to Live More Sustainably

Sometimes it can feel incredibly daunting to make lifestyle changes, especially when it comes to sustainability. Switching to an electric vehicle, alternative power (like solar), and changing your entire diet can be expensive, time consuming, and uncomfortable. However, there are some easy, inexpensive ways to start reducing your impact on the environment without breaking the bank or changing your whole life.

Buy Less

It might seem like you need to go out and buy all new things to be more sustainable, but there's nothing more sustainable than the things you already have. Replacing your washer and dryer with energy efficient options would definitely help reduce your water and electricity consumption. However, if your appliances work perfectly as they are, replacing them creates more waste. Speaking of waste, clothing is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Consider buying clothing only when you need it and buy styles that are more timeless to avoid needing new clothing every season. Bonus! Buying and consuming less will save you money too.

Shop Used

Need to decorate your new home, replace something that broke, or want new clothing, consider buying used. Check out local thrift shops, online secondhand sales, and things that friends are trying to get rid of. Not only will this save you money, but you'll be giving a new life to things that might have otherwise ended up in the landfill. You can usually get great deals on furniture that needs small repairs and your home will have a unique character that no one else's does.

Choose Reusable

Things like sandwich bags, shopping bags, water bottles, mesh produce bags, straws, baking cups, makeup remover pads, coffee k-cups, food wrap, and so much more can be swapped out for reusable alternatives. Next time you run out of bottled water, considering purchasing a single reusable bottle. Skip things that only offer a single use, like paper plates, plastic cutlery, and cleaning wipes. By switching to reusable, you can reduce your trash generation, as well as save money by not needing to buy mroe each week.

Go Digital

Opt out of paper bills where possible. Many times we have our bills on autopay anyway, and the bills are just wasted paper. Instead of buying physical copies of books, consider buying the digital versions. Same for movies, music, and video games. Sometimes it can be fun to have physical copies, but they often take up more space than necessary.

Borrow or Rent

If you just love the feeling of a physical book, or can't get a digital copy of a video game you want to play, try borrowing from a friend or library. Renting also helps you spend less while still enjoying the things you want. Many auto parts stores loan out tools, some stores rent out appliances, and many places will let you rent sports equipment so you don't have to buy and store something you only use once a year.

These small steps can help you make a big difference. If it's time to upgrade your vehicle to a more fuel-efficient model, or give a pre-owned model a new life, contact the INFINITI of South Bay team today. We'll pair you with a vehicle that helps you reduce your impact and save you money at the pump.


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