Saving On Service: How Electric Vehicles Save You Money

The initial investment in an electric vehicle can seem high. However, there are so many unseen savings with EV models, and we’re not just talking about possible government incentives. Service costs associated with electric vehicles are much lower than those for gasoline-powered models.

Brakes Pads & Rotors

Because EVs employ regenerative braking technology, less brake application is needed to bring your vehicle to a stop. That means longer life for brake pads and rotors!

Oil Changes

Many EV motors do have lubricants. However, that lubricant doesn’t need to be changed for the longevity of the vehicle. That’s right, no more oil changes every 3 months!


While the battery system does have cooling, it also doesn’t require service. Some batteries are air-cooled while others are liquid-cooled, but either way, when you choose an EV, coolant flushes are a thing of the past.

Spark Plugs

EV motors don’t use traditional ignition systems so items like spark plugs, coil packs, and ignition coils aren’t a concern.

Fuel Components

No fuel? No fuel lines. No fuel filters. No fuel injectors. No fuel pumps. That eliminates so many common issues as vehicles age. Sometimes even gas tanks need to be replaced. These are all concerns you won’t have to think about when you go electric.

Air Filters

Yes, you will still need to replace your cabin air filter, but the air intake filters won’t be an issue. Gasoline-powered engines require a lot of air to work properly, and they suck air in through the air intake. EV motors don’t need to do this, so the intake filter isn’t something you’ll need to remember to replace.

Service needs and schedules vary from vehicle to vehicle and that’s true for electric vehicles too. To learn about the exact needs of an electric vehicle you’re contemplating, contact the INFINITI of South Bay FIAT service team. Our technicians are keeping up with the evolving service of gasoline and EV models and we’re here to answer any questions you need.


Saving On Service: How Electric Vehicles Save You Money - INFINITI of South Bay

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