Elevate Your Drive: Introducing the 2023 INFINITI QX80 at INFINITI of South Bay

Welcome to INFINITI of South Bay, your premier destination in Torrance, California, where luxury meets performance. Are you in search of an SUV that embodies opulence and sophistication? Look no further than the 2023 INFINITI QX80, our most luxurious SUV yet.
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Employee Spotlight: Meet Anita Ruiz!

Meet our Finance Manager, Anita Ruiz. She has been working at INFINITI of South Bay for 2.5 years as our Finance Manager. Anita is a real team player and a contributor who makes things happen and makes a difference. She is always positive and professional, as her online reviews would show, and we all enjoy having her smiling face at our dealership.


Anita has been in the car business for 13 years, starting her journey off as a file clerk at a corporate office for a large automotive group in Virginia Beach. From there, she was promoted to a Honda store and worked her way up the ladder. Anita moved to San Diego and worked as a payroll manager at another dealership. And then she moved to Vancouver, Canada and was an Internet Sales Manager at a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership before finally making her way back to San Diego where she joined the INFINITI of South Bay team as our Finance Manager. Having held many different roles in car dealerships, Anita brings a unique level of expertise that only someone with such a depth of experience could bring. We appreciate how Anita can fill-in and help-out wherever she is needed. She is very committed to her role, co-workers and the INFINITI of South Bay brand.


It’s safe to say Anita has traveled throughout her life! She was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and with her father in the Navy, she moved around to a number of different military bases across the country. Outside of work, Anita loves exploring LA, the beaches, shopping and hanging with friends. She has a huge family (4 siblings, 5 Nieces/Nephews and 4 Great-Nieces/Nephews) and only wishes her family lived close by! Anita came from a Spanish speaking household, and now in her freetime, she is taking private tutoring courses to improve her Spanish. Way to go! Speaking of Spanish households, her favorite dish is made by her mom. It’s called Arroz con Habichuelas. Nothing beats mom's homemade cooking!

Anita is a pleasure to work with every day and we feel so lucky to have her on our team!

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